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2 posts from February 2010


Makumbusho Village Museum Field Trip

Earlier in the semester as part of orientation and towards the end as part of our Language and Culture Practicum class, we visited the Makumbusho Village Museum here in Dar Es Salaam. The students carefully observed the variety of architecture in more than 40 model homes representing different ethnic groups from around Tanzania. It was a great way to learn about local culture, art, and social structures of the different communities. We rounded up our visit to the museum with a feast of traditional African foods from different parts of the mainland and enjoyed a show of traditional dances and acrobatics. It was a good mix of education and entertainment to calm down the stress of final exams on campus at the end of the semester.



Beautiful Tanzania - January 2010 Field Trip

IMG_5581 Tanzania is a beautiful country. For the CIEE program, we try to do a few strategic trips away from Dar Es Salaam to introduce the students to the diversity of this country -- its natural beauty and warm people. In January, we enjoyed a trip to the island of Zanzibar. In this photo, my CIEE students and I join local women in Paje Village to learn about the cultivation and harvesting of seaweed as a cash crop. The seaweed from Zanzibar is used in the production of high-end cosmetics (mostly exported to France and Switzerland) and some is exported to countries like Japan where it is considered a delicacy too!