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2 posts from January 2013



"Mikono" is the Swahili word for 'hands' ... and this past weekend CIEE TZ students got their mikono dirty with our favorite Bibi (grandmother). Bibi is very large and ancient Kenyan-born woman living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with her extended family in a home that she clearly reigns over. Bibi's home is a glimpse of traditional communal living and a taste of village life in a big city.

Here bibi's mikono show us how to get milk from a coconut in order to make coconut riceMikonoBibi and her posse of robust women are kind enough to welcome CIEE students into her home each semester so that we can learn from them in both language and culture - and in the process we prepare a huge traditional Swahili feast together...and subsequently eat ourselves into a food coma.

...with Bibi's guidance, Lydia and Jin Bo learn how to roll out chapati...Picture1

everybody pitches in...











...and working side by side with Bibi's family, things get busy...P1120038

When students aren't lending an mkono, they are busy making a spectacle of themselves with the crowd of curious children... P1120037

P1110948 - Copy


Sarah gets amkia'd (greeted) by our favorite little one, Nasra...













...and of course, you can't be welcomed into someone's home without being offered chai ....P1110980

We remain humbly grateful to Bibi and her extended family each semester as they continue to show us true Tanzanian hospitality. This is always a favorite cultural activity for our students - and one in which students see first hand that while Tanzania may be patriarchal, it truly is the women who are the backbone of this society.

 Watching Bibi orchestrate this show from her chair, while her daughters work diligently under her command is a sight to behold; and one that time after time demands our respect. 

Asante sana Bibi, na asanteni sana wadada ... tunawashukuru kila mara tunapofika kwenu. Mbarikiwe mpaka tunaonana tena.


this post was brought to you by CIEE TZ's friendly Resident Directory, Jenny Venecek


Getting ready!

IMG_0322 - CopyAnxiously awaiting / preparing for our incoming students.  The next chapter begins, 20 January 2013.  Stay tuned....