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CIEE Tanzania – Extreme Makeover Edition

If you’ve been snooping around our website, you may have noticed that our Tanzania program is changing.  As Resident Director, and one of the masterminds behind our new program design – I can’t tell you how excited I am to introduce you to our new program.

First of all, why are we changing?  Over the semesters we've noticed that the Tanzania program attracts a certain caliber of student - those who want to make positive changes in the world. Our new program allows students to take on academic coursework and to get their hands and feet dirty in the name of service.

So, without further ado … here is an introductory snapshot of the new and improved CIEE Tanzania program!

Where are we going?

1Iringa is located in the Southern Highlands, about 500KM Southwest of Dar es Salaam, and is conveniently situation between two game parks (Mikumi and Ruaha).  It’s more of a small town than a big city, having a population of around 120,000 compared to Dar’s 4million!  The weather in Iringa is mild, and as an added bonus it is a beautiful region.


Where You'll Study3

Students will undertake seven weeks of intensive coursework at the University of Iringa; a small, private university located on the outskirts of Iringa Town.  All participants will be required to take Kiswahili, Field Research Seminar, and Managing Community Development Programs – plus an additional two elective courses.  Check out the full course selection here:

Applying Classroom Learning to the Project Area

The seven-week intensive academic component is designed to arm students with relevant theoretical frameworks which will continually be explored during your four-week rural stay.   During the mandatory rural stay component not only will academic study and intensive Kiswahili lessons continue – but students will work directly with a community-based NGO where you will critically examine topics surrounding current health, social welfare, community-based development, and program management issues in theory and practice.  

 Where is the Rural Stay?

 About a three to four hour drive from Iringa town (depending on the season) on some serious bush roads, you’ll find yourself winding through some pretty spectacular chai fields..


... eventually the project area comes into view …

What Sort of Projects Make up the Project Area?

Also known as, what kind of things might you find yourself working on??  Here are just a few of the initiatives going on …

One of my favorites is the sewing school, Threads of Hope.


Here, young ladies and gentlemen are funding their way through school, becoming skilled and innovative tailors, and gaining business sense.

Each student is assigned a sewing machine to use as their own while they go through the tailoring program; upon successful completion of the program each student is gifted that machine so they can start their own business. What a great idea!

Care and Treatment Center


The project area includes a clinic which designates two days a week to CTC day (care and treatment) for people living with HIV.  Students will assist in patient registration, recording the distribution of medicines, and going on home visits to check on community members who have a positive HIV status, but who may be too sick to make it to the clinic for treatment. 

Igoda Children's Village

A series of six houses broken down by age group, the Children’s Village is a safe haven for orphans and vulnerable children from 0-18 years.  The Children’s Village duplicates regular village life in which young residents take on the same day to day responsibilities of their peers in the village – instilling in them a sense of community and responsibility, making their eventual transition back into the outlying community as smooth as possible. 12a


As I mentioned above, this is not an extensive list of projects going on at the NGO – but just a few that you may find yourself involved with during your four weeks in the village. 

Where Will You Live while you're in the village???

The NGO takes on many many international students and volunteers across a variety of sectors and fields of study; and will be providing CIEE students with group housing – like this one….



We are very excited about our partnership with the University of Iringa and the Foxes' NGO. Please contact Iris Michaud with any programmatic questions:

For more information on Foxes NGO, check out their FB page:

And their Youtube page: