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Interning for-credit

Students who study with CIEE in Tanzania have the option to enroll in our for-credit internship program.  Doing an internship for-credit means that students will be assigned to one of our partner organizations where they will complete at least 130 contact hours at their respective internship sites, and they will attend a supplemental research-based course (facilitated by the Resident Director).  As a requirement of this course, students will complete an original research paper that will be based on either their specific internship site, or the sector to which the student has been assigned (health, education, development, etc..)

As RD, I have been making a concerted effort to sniff out new and engaging internship sites for our students, and this semester I dare say we have the most stellar internship program to date.

Have a read below to see who our students are working with this Spring...

Muhimbili National Hospital; Children’s Cancer Ward (Tumaini La Maisha: Hope for Life)

Muhimbili National Hospital is one of two cancer treatment facilities in the entire country, and this is our second semester interning with Muhimbili’s “Tumaini La Maisha” project. The Irish-run,Tumaini La Maisha was established in 2011 and is the first and only NGO dedicated to improving the wellbeing of children with cancer in Tanzania by providing non-clinical services such as a school, a play therapy program, and a family support program.

Students who intern with this program often work with TLM's school program (tutoring long-term ward residents in math and English), as well as working with the younger children through play therapy. Our student who interned here in the Fall semester wrote an excellent paper on the case of Cancer in Tanzania.  This paper has been circulated to Tumaini's project managers, and to our Spring semester students who are interning with this project.

TUmainiTanzania Breast Cancer Foundation

This is CIEE’s first semester interning with the Breast Cancer Foundation.  We became linked with this organzation late last semester when one of our students who was interning with the Muhimbili project sought out the founder of the Breast Cancer Foundation to complete her required research paper for the for-credit internship class.  The Foundation is in desperate need of volunteers and we are very happy to be working with them this semester. This worked out particularly perfect this semester as the student who has been placed here expressed a specific interest in Breast Cancer.  He and the Founder are extremely happy to have connected with one another.


Ghomme Girls’ Secondary Boarding School

This is CIEE’s first semester interning with Ghomme Secondary; and this is a site that was discovered by an incoming student this semester. Sarah was put in touch with the founder of this school through a connection of hers back home. The school’s founder, Mr Malangalila has been working in Education through the World Bank for nearly 20 years. Malangalila started this school several years ago and is happy to have Sarah interning here. It is our goal to have Sarah implement an after school mentorship program in which older students work with their younger counterparts in an effort encourage the younger students to reach their full potential.


Wonder Workshop

This is our third semester interning with The Wonder Workshop (formerly Wonder Welders). The Wonder Workshop is a creative organization in Dar Es Salaam creating hip recycled art. It employs 42 Tanzanian men and women, the majority of whom live with a physical disability. Disabilities are common in Tanzania and many affected persons are forced to beg on the streets to survive; institutions and organizations which offer employment to people with disabilities are still very rare in Tanzania. These skilled artisans create a large variety of welded art (from safari animals to abstract art) using scrap metal, a wide range of stationaries made from sundried recycled paper, beautiful jewelry from recycled glass and bottles, soap and candles from natural oils, household items from used bottles as well as wooden toys from reclaimed and left over Tanzanian wood. The Wonder Workshop is very well known in Dar and throughout Tanzania.

CIEE students work with Wonder Workshop artisans to improve their English so that they can speak with the many guests who come through the workshop. There are numerous work stations and processes involved with creating these products, and many guests go on tours of the facilities to see how these items are made. It is the wish of the workshop employees to have the ability to explain their work to their visitors (some of whom are quite important!)



Veternary Primary School

 Veternary is an ongoing internship site, one which usually proves to be one of the more challenging sites we have – this is because of the commute involved with reaching this site.  Veternary is technically not that far from the campus, but when it comes to taking public transportation and fighting traffic, students find that they must start their trip very early.

Students who intern here either co-teach with a veteran teacher, or are assigned their own class to run.  This also proves to be an interesting site when it comes to the for-credit internship research project as Veternary is a living, breathing example of the overcrowding of Tanzania’s public school system.

 (pictured below)

  1. CIEE students get a tour of the primary school grounds. CIEE’s second semester student, Ife Madzimoyo joined us on this trip as she interned at Veternary last semester. This was a wonderful opportunity for her to come back and greet her former students.
  2. Poking our head into one of the classrooms, we are enthusiastically greeted by a group of excited children.

P1120078 - Copy

P1120080 - Copy


We're very excited this semester to see how these experiences shape up for our students, and for those whom we aim to serve.

Remember, if you are considering our program and you wish to do an internship for-credit, you must receive prior approval from your home university.  If you are unable to do the internship for-credit, I am happy to connect you to other volunteer and community engagement activities - afterall, I'm a dirty hippie at heart.


this post was brought to you by CIEE Tanzania's barefoot Resident Director, Jenny Venecek